Overhaul to achieve cost reduction target

For both potroom and cast house vehicles, Hencon offers the Hencon Overhaul Program. This program is applicable to Hencon and non-Hencon machines. Several overhauls have been successfully implemented. During years of worldwide maintenance activities Hencon learned lessons that are now successfully applied to the Hencon overhaul program. This leads to improved performance during operation and to simplified maintenance.

The program delivers:

- Cost savings compared to the purchase of new machines
- Parts used are based on latest technology
- Implementation of improvements proposed by operation and maintenance
- Same guarantee as a new vehicle

After consulting Hencon about their overhaul program we defined in close cooperation the content of this overhaul. By sending over our vehicles one by one the availability of our fleet on site was sufficient to handle the production operations. With this approach we managed to renew a significant part of our fleet within budget with several improvements involved.

Reference statement: Niklas Erikson from Kubal

before Hencon overhaul programm

Before and after Hencon's Overhaul Program


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