We realize that your main concern is your output and your quality. Your machines should perform in order to keep your plant running and reach the required output levels. Our machines are designed to perform in the hot smelter environment with high magnetic fields, in the dusty mines with rough operators and in the secondary aluminium industry where space is often an issue.

Years of experience

Based on years of experience we build machines that fit in your production. Delivery of reliable vehicles is just the beginning. Service and maintenance support are the additional major focus points to lower costs and increase the availability of your assets.

Maintenance as a service

If you don't want the hassle of a maintenance department for the vehicles, we can offer to take responsibility over the maintenance. Because of our well trained staff and advanced maintenance guidelines we are able to reach an uptime of >95%. We did so successfully in several big smelters in different parts of the world. Besides maintenance we measure the performance of the machines. With the right maintenance the up-time can increase up to 97%. We distinguish ourselves by having professional workshops at or near plants and work with very well trained, technical experts who are dedicated to their job. If you want to find out if this could work for you, please contact us for more information.