Wheel Crust Breaker

Wheel Crust Breaker

Cracking the top layer

Breaking of the long side of the crust can be done very efficient by the big breaker wheel with spikes, which is lowered into the pot.

Proven concept

Hencon Wheel Crust Breakers are based on well proven designs and components. These Vehicles are successfully in operation for decades in Söderberg potrooms.  

Breaker Wheel

The breaker wheel is connected to a robust arm, for moving the wheel up and down. Heat resisting bearings are used, to withstand the heat of the pot. The spikes can easily be exchanged.

The long spikes also realize an excellent mixing of alumina with the bath.

Typical features

-Very quick and efficient breaking of the crust
-Mixing of the alumina into the bath
-Robust design for low maintenance costs and long life time
-Excellent visibility for the operator to the crust breaking operation

The Wheel Crust Breaker can be tailor-made to fit your requirements.


Wheel Crust Breaker
wheel crust breaker