Ladle Transport and Tilting Vehicle

Ladle transport and tilting vehicle

The ladle transport and tilting vehicle is carrying the ladle and pallet on the lifting bed of the trailer part of the vehicle. 

Safe aluminium transport

During transport the lifting bed is mechanically locked for safe transportation. For discharge of the metal in the furnaces the vehicle is parked alongside the front of the furnace and stabilized by hydraulic jacks. After stabilizing, the discharge launder is extended into the furnace and the ladle start tilting to empty via the launder. The tilting speed is adjustable and “set” to a safe maximum level to prevent overflow.

Automatic Cover

To protect the aluminium in the ladle for dirt or rain, a hydraulic operated cover is integrated in the trailer.

Smelter environment

The vehicle is capable to operate in dusty, corrosive atmosphere (alumina dust, fluoride) and a strong magnetic field. Motor air intake is airtight and equipped with special filters.

Special attention has been taken to ensure good visibility and safety of operation when reversing in order to permit easy and safe operation at loading and unloading areas.

ladle transport and tilting vehicle
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