FTV Wheel Based Compact Electric


Hencon offers machines that have the strength combined with the sensitivity in order to clean the furnace without losing valuable aluminium.

New in Hencon’s product line is a robust compact electric driven Furnace Tending Vehicle with precise controls in order to safely clean furnaces without losing valuable aluminium and saving the furnace lining. Our proven Furnace Tending Vehicles are a critical piece of equipment that fits your needs in a safe and efficient cast house. Hencon offers a wide range of Furnace Tending Vehicles that always fit to your requirements..

Maximum control

The smart electric controlled chain/hydraulic driven telescopic beam moves bi-directional and is mounted on a steady/stable mobile platform. The system’s intelligent controls offers you maximum performance with load and movement assistance. This system assists the operator to de-dross the liquid aluminium and clean the furnace in a minimum time, saving valuable energy and aluminium.

Operator comfort

The operator can remain close to the hot furnace, while being protected by the comfortable, safe and heat resistant cabin.

100% Electrical

No exhaust gasses due to the electrical driveline. 


electrical skimmer
Furnace Tending Vehicle
Lifting cabin FTV
electrical skimmer