Furnace tending

Furnace Tending Machines / Vehicles

The furnaces in the past have been small. The biggest furnaces had a capacity of about 10 tonnes. Over time furnaces became bigger and bigger. Furnace tending was done only manually. Because of the size of the furnaces the heavy furnace tending job become even heavier. Besides the need for more power during cleaning the safety standards increased. It was because of these reasons that the aluminium industry started with the first furnace tending vehicles (FTV). The first FTV´s were forklift trucks with a steel beam and a blade. It required a lot of practise to use these forklift trucks in a somewhat efficient method. The forklift truck had the force but not the sensitivity that is required for efficient handling. While skimming the dross from the aluminium, the blade often submerges too deep in the bath and precious aluminium is lost as a result.

Hencon offers machines that have the strength combined with the sensitivity in order to clean the furnace without losing valuable aluminium. The hydraulic telescopic beam can move inwards and outwards without driving. The operator can remain close to the hot furnace, well protected by the comfortable and heat resistant cabin. The machines can be fitted with pressure sensors that are connected to the hydraulic system. The pressure system permits the operator to skim the dross without losing valuable aluminium. Furnace tending machines can be mobile or rail-bound. Hencon has a wide range of furnace tending vehicles that can be custom made to your requirements.