Furnace charging vehicle

Automated guided furnace charging vehicle

Loading a furnace takes planning and knowhow: mixing the right alloys at the right time. Handling scrap is a dynamic process and transferring your scrap to the cast house is a challenge in itself. Hencon developed an automatic furnace charging system with interchangeable scrap containers.

This system gives the opportunity to control the content of the container at the scrapyard end, providing the best way to discharge at the furnace end. By combining several types and densities of scrap in one container, burning rates and furnace damage can be minimized. Because of the large capacity of the scrap container the furnace can be opened less often, avoiding additional dross formation, heat loss and increased energy costs. Add to that quick and precise discharge over the full surface of the furnace and you have a unique, cost-saving machine.

Automated Guided Vehicle

Hencon developed this charging solution to be fully automatic. This solution does not require an operator to drive this AGV. Savings are made becasue there is no damage and there is no costs for operators. Except for preventive maintenance, this AGV solution is working around the clock, 24-7. 

AGV Furnace Charging Machine
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