The history of HENCON goes back to 1956. In the first decennia of the existence, side loaders and road construction vehicles like motor graders were main products. Hencon introduced the side loaders in Europe and produced them for 40 years. For many years the side loading concept has been used worldwide at the steel and wood industry.

Since 1972, the light metal industry was entered. At the moment Hencon is the leading company in the market of special mobile equipment for the worldwide aluminium industry. The delivery program for the aluminium industry covers the complete range of special vehicles for Casthouse/Foundry and Potroom.

As the concrete industry started to produce more and more big prefabricated elements, Hencon responded to the request for special handling equipment for this type of production with all kind of Custom made vehicles.

Besides improving efficiency and safety, Hencon is also focusing the environmental and personal health circumstances. The importance of these topics was seen by Hencon since the early eighties. Today the mobile industrial vacuum machines are used all over the world.

Many years of experience together with Hencon's flexible and innovative character is typical for Hencon. This company is the right partner to approach, if you are looking for a mobile solution for your problem. Well known organizations like Alcan, Alcoa, BHP Billiton, Corus, Hydro Aluminium and Thyssen, but also companies of smaller sizes have Hencon equipment successful in operation.