Service engineer

Service is embedded in your DNA. As no other, you are willing to train our customers the art of operating and maintaining our machines. You are the eyes and ears of our after sales department in the field.

Our after sales department supplies the right parts, service, training and maintenance to our customers all over the world. It is our ambition to optimize this service and increase our turnover in this area. For our after sales department we are therefore looking for a:

Service Engineer

In this job you will frequently be working on site with our customers. You will represent Hencon during your numerous trips to countries all over the world. During these trips you will train the employees of our customers on operating and maintaining Hencon equipment. Besides training you will investigate and solve technical challenges, both on site and remotely. You will help the after sales coordinator with part proposals in order to optimize quality for customers and financial turnover for Hencon. You will report directly to the commercial director.

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